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Airway™ Anti Choking Device

Airway™ Anti Choking Device

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This device has saved hundreds of lives from choking and could save yours too.

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A choking death occurs every 64 minutes!

But, only 1 in every 2,746 elders is prepared for a choking emergency

When Life And Death Is A Matter Of Seconds

Don't waste time panicking because your unsure of what to do, be prepared to save yourself or loved ones in the case of a choking emergency.

Don't Let Your Child Be Next

Choking is a leading cause of death in children. Everyday 13 people die from choking. Choking leads to 100,000 visits to the ER yearly. More people die from aspirating than die in fires, drowning, or accidental shootings. Leading cause of accidental deaths in persons over the age of 65.

How to Use Airway™ Anti Choking Device

You Are More Likely To Choke To Death

Than to die in a fire, Yet 53% of people own a fire extinguisher and have no idea how to save a oved one from choking. Protect yourself and loved ones with Airway™ today!

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